Our Story


The story of Aaron K. Purveyors started with an idea from my mother, who coming from a German background saw an opportunity to bring the best of Ontario’s Mennonite sausages to the country markets in Snelgrove, Pickering and Stouffville communities. Ahead of her time, my mother sold fresh products from food trucks long before they became a craze. Soon after I joined the family business, we began offering a variety of fresh and smoked sausages, fresh baked pies and home baked, breads. As we grew, we added a full selection of deli meats, pretzels, homemade preserves, local and aged cheeses, sweet and hot chilli sauce, pickles, free-range chicken, farm fresh eggs and a whole range of top quality fresh meat. And you can’t forget about the bacon – by far the best quality you can find in Ontario!

At Aaron K. Purveyors, we know that food is what brings friends and families together. Whether you need a turkey large enough to feed the whole family for Thanksgiving dinner, deli meats to pack lunches for the kids, or steaks to throw on the BBQ in the summertime – we have something special for every occasion.

Nothing is more important to us than serving high quality, locally sourced, farm fresh products. That’s why we drive over 400 km to hand pick and hand deliver each and every item you see on the shelves. We’re one of the few remaining country style stores. Beyond our home grown approach to food, we also know what keeps our customers coming back is the experience they have in our store. We know each of our customers personally, catering to their individual needs and providing top quality customer service.

Let us bring a taste of the country into your kitchen.

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